Welcome to part II of Juggernaut Rails chat tutorial. Today we will create a design for our project.

First of all: name. "Ruby on Rails Juggernaut Chat" is slightly to long. So I've decided to use first letters of "long name": RoR J Ch and I've came up with some ideas:

  • Chatror - Chat on RoR
  • Hathor - Egyptian goddess of the sky
  • Racer - Ruby on rails ChattER

I've chosen last one - so our chat will be called "Racer".

I have also created a logo - it should be connected with cars/races (racer) and also with Rails :) - 30 minutes with Gimp and here it is:


So, we have name nad logotype but we still need major chat design.

What do we need?

  • Chat ;)
  • Registration form
  • Sign in form
  • Room list
  • Our chat room
  • Users list
  • Message input field

20 more minutes and we have our layout:


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