I’m a Software Architect that you can’t find just anywhere. I love what I do and I do what I love. I have experience in a wide variety of business applications built using multiple Ruby frameworks. I’m particularly interested in code quality assurance and OSS supply chain security. I’m an active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects including:

  • Karafka – Framework used to simplify Apache Kafka-based Ruby applications development.
  • Diffend – OSS supply chain security and management platform for Ruby applications

I also have experience in being a leader and mentor for other programmers and engineers.

I love sharing knowledge, that’s why I run a blog about my adventures with software engineering and I’m active speaker at various international conferences including RubyKaigi, Wroclove.rb and RubyC.

My projects and articles have been featured in popular Ruby media, like RubyWeekly, Ruby5 or RubyRogues.

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