Rails 4.0.2, Resque nad Resque scheduler – 100% CPU usage

After updating resque-scheduler it started to behave really weird. The CPU would stay almost all the time around 100%. I don't have a fix for that, but for now downgrading should be enough. You need to downgrade to following versions of those gems:

gem 'resque', '1.25.0'
gem 'resque-scheduler', '2.0.1'
gem 'rufus-scheduler', '2.0.24'

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  1. Alfredo Amatriain

    January 25, 2014 — 22:38

    I currently have the following gems in production, and I’m not seeing any increase in CPU usage:

    rails (4.0.2)
    resque (1.25.1)
    resque-scheduler (2.3.1)
    rufus-scheduler (2.0.24)

    Are you sure the high CPU usage didn’t come from a badly behaving job?

  2. Yes. I had (for debugging) removed all the tasks data/cpu consuming parts. It seems, that issue is somewhere between rufus-scheduler and new resque scheduler version, although I didn’t have enough time to test it. It gets crazy, when rufus-scheduler is upgraded to >= 3.0. Can you please try upgrading all the gems (resque, resque scheduler and rufus-scheduler)?

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