Sometimes seed files can get messy and big. It can be real pain it the ass to manage them. Here is fast way to split single seeds.rb file:

  1. Create directory called seeds in your db/ directory (mkdir ./db/seeds)
  2. Remove all stuff from seeds.rb and move it into your newly created files under db/seeds/ directory (put them accordingly to your own app logic)
  3. Paste code presented below into seeds.rb file
  4. Run rake db:seed

Seeds.rb file source code:

# coding: utf-8

  filename1 filename2 filename3...filenameN
}.each do |part|
  require File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__))+"/seeds/#{part}.rb"

Why haven't I use auto-include and instead I've listed all the files? Well I wanted to maintain my seed parts load order so those parts will be loaded accordingly to my order (not based on file names).