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Rails3 + Errors#invalid?(attribute) has been deprecated

Kolejna metoda do kolekcji, której już wkrótce nie będzie. I kolejny regexp ażeby się jej pozbyć z naszych testów:

Containing text: .invalid\?\((.+)\)
Replace With: \[$1\].any?

Pamiętaj o zaznaczeniu opcji: Regular Expressions!

Netbeans 6.8 on Ubuntu + problems with hanging SVN

After months of using RapidSVN, I’ve decided to go back and use Netbeans integrated SVN client. However it started to hang my Netbeans IDE when I’ve been committing stuff into repo. After 5-6 attempts Netbeans finally committed stuff but come on – 6 IDE restarts to make one commit? Hell no!

Go into:

Tools --> Options --> Miscellaneous -->Versioning --> Subversion

Find: Path to the SVN executable File: and change it into:


Restart your IDE and use it with SVN client without any hangs. You should also disable any plugins you are not using.

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