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QNAP NAS: File System not clean. Examination failed (Cannot unmount disk)

If you get this message from your QNAP:

The file system is not clean. It is suggested that you run "check disk"

and after you start a disk check and you end up with message like this:

[Mirror Disk Volume: Drive 1 2 3 4] Examination failed (Cannot unmount disk).

You need to get into SSH and execute following:

/etc/init.d/services.sh stop
/etc/init.d/opentftp.sh stop
/etc/init.d/Qthttpd.sh stop
umount /dev/md0
e2fsck -f -v -C 0 /dev/md0
mount /dev/md0

After all of above, your QNAP NAS will reboot and everything will get back to normal.

HTC Magic CyanogenMod 4.2 to 5.0.8 Daily Driver White update

I've decided to do major upgrade from CyanogenMod 4.2 to 5.08 Daily Driver on my HTC Magic phone.

Thanks to Edek Łomiarz - I've managed to survive and create this tutorial :)

If you want to update your Cyan you will net old radio na SPL, here you have mine:

HTC Magic od Orange (32A):
wersja opr 1.6
Baseband 62.52S.20.18U_3.22.20.17
Mod version: CyanogenMod-
Compliation: DRC92
Nandroid: 2.2v

So if you have software like presented above and you have already Cyanogen on your phone - you're free to go.

How to update Cyan?
Download latest Cyanogen mode from XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=673394. There are two versions - black and white so choose the one you like:


[Update] Stable Cyanogen mode has been released - installation looks the same.

Before updating:

  • Charge your battery
  • Download mod from XDA
  • Copy mod into root dir on your phone SD card
  • Restart phone with pressed home button to load Nandroid

After Nandroid boots, you will see:


  • Select Nandroid v2.2 backup
  • Confirm by pressing home button (and wait until backup is over)
  • Select Wipe data/factory reset (resetting phone and OS)
  • Select Apply sdcard:choose.zip and select rom (CM5.0.7t7-32a-w)
  • Wait, wait, wait
  • Reboot system now
  • Wait approximately 10-15 minutes while Cyan is loading for the first time

Thats all. Cyanoged mod is really fast and fancy. He has got a really nice gallery with 3D effects like those in Picasa.

Any problems? You still have your backup so you can restore it.

Remember - you are performing update at your own risk!

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