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Our Erasmus “Simulacion por Computador y Visualizacion Cientifica” presentation

Ok, this post will be in English ;)

As I said before at the University, here You can download our presentation:

However it is just a presentation without any movies or stuff from our tutorials. Those can be downloaded below:

  1. Endorphin file with martial arts demo
  2. Earth, Moon and Sun made in 3ds max
  3. SC, VS presentation layout
  4. VC, SC Presentation Images


  1. Earth
  2. Earth clouds
  3. Moon


  1. Endorphin
  2. Baginski's Cathedral
  3. XNA Terrain Engine
  4. Crash Demo XNA
  5. XNA xenomorph demo
  6. Procedural LTrees in SunBurn XNA


  1. Introduction + Endorphin - Krzysztof Dziewit
  2. NASA Orbiter - Magdalena Szlagor i Wojciech Wolańczyk
  3. Matlab - Maciej Błaszczyk
  4. 3ds max - Maciej Mensfeld (ja)
  5. XNA - Rafał Pawlik

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