Warning: I'm not responsible for any damages or injury, including but not limited to special or consequential damages, that result from your use of this instruction.

Warning 2: This solution will void warranty of your DVD player!

Recently I bought a cheap and nice DVD Player: LG DP542H and to be honest - It didn't cross my mind, that it might still have the region lock. With region lock I was not able to play any DVDs that I've ordered from USA.

637292_0_fSince it's just a piece of hardware and software, there's probably an easy way to turn it off. Well, that's what I thought at least. Unfortunately none of remote button combination would work.

Crazy Hex hack to the rescue

Luckily there's a different solution. It is a bit more complicated, but it should not take longer than 15 minutes:

  1. Create a directory called RMTM0000 which has a subdirectory SCARLET.
  2. Inside of SCARLET (camelcase on purpose) directory create an empty file called KPJC19_1.DVD
  3. Use a hex editor and set the bytes to: 17 17 8C 00
  4. Burn the RMTM0000 directory on a CD-R (use the ISO-9660 format)
  5. Insert the CD-R to DVD player
  6. Press 0 and Enter to enable the multi-region

That's all.