I’m just the Ruby Ninja that you can’t find elsewhere. I love what I do and I do what I love. I specialize in helping companies (not only startups) grow by providing a great set of skills and tools that can boost not only development speed for you and your projects, but also the overall quality of your products.

I have experience in a wide variety of business applications built using multiple Ruby frameworks. I’m particularly interested in new technologies and their affect on the way we process data.

I also have experience in being a leader for other less experienced programmers and engineers.

I love sharing knowledge, that’s why I’m running a blog about my adventures with software engineering, development, and servers management.

The way I work

I hate fixing obvious and boring bugs. That’s why I always develop tests for any application that I work with. Application cannot be considered finished unless there is a decent code coverage level.

In order to provide the best possible standards and to automate my and my team work, I use huge variety of tools, such as Gitlab CI, Capistrano, Docker, Rubocop and many other to handle whole lifecycle of any application that I work with.

I’m a huge passionate of SOA. Monolithic applications are huge and hard to work with. That’s why I always use SOA approach to make them smaller, more bug-resistant and faster.

Social media

Get in touch / contact

If you wish to contact me, please drop me a line at maciej[at]mensfeld.pl.